Establishing Online Presence and Managing your Followers

Lovi Poe is a Filipino actress, model, and recording artist. She is the daughter of the late action star Fernando Poe Jr. Poe. Known as the premiere actress of the Philippines, Lovi has done a lot of big movie roles as well as tv shows that won her several best actress awards.

The Challenge

  • Build an online presence for Lovi Poe
  • Make a centralized location for fans to stay updated on Lovi’s activities
  • Provide actress information for easy casting

Scope of Work

  • Strategy
  • Wireframes/Mockups
  • Responsive Design
  • Web Development

The Outcome

We built a website for Lovi that collates all the information from her previous works, social media platforms and videos. Fans will be able to view all the updates from Lovi on different platforms and makes it easy for them to follow and subscribe to her. We also built a section that makes it easy for casting managers to see Lovi's excellent body of work.

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